Tyrone Williams

Tyrone Williams

Tyrone is the Video Department Head at the International College of Broadcasting, Owner/operator of his own company Tyland Studio, working with Real Estate companies and corporate production around the Miami Valley. Williams has a Bachelor’s of Digital Fine Arts.

Kenny Pyles

Kenny Pyles

I’m Kenny, your Career Services and Student Services director here at ICB. I am also an ICB grad! I have been a studio musician, touring musician, cook, carpenter and just about any other odd job you can imagine. I have owned my own music store, recording studio, and a small real estate business. I also rebuild/repair guitars. I attribute most of my success’s’ to staying hungry (because a hungry man pursues sustenance), investing in people, and my daughter. I have been an audio engineer for going on 20 years now. I have been blessed to work with some of the biggest names in the business and in some of the coolest places in the states. I started at the ripe age of 15 interning at FJM Studios (now known as “The Lab”) working with Moe Beats and Joe Winner learning the craft.

My love of music and performance brought me there. I worked multitudes of odd jobs while touring as a musician. Some were related, others not. From each experience, I took something with me. My career as well as my life I look at as a patch work quilt. Every job, every experience, and every person I met helped me add a “new patch”. One of the biggest “patches on my quilt” was ICB. Although I had been in the industry for several years, ICB helped me hone my skills and gave me more of a road map to success. Nowadays you can find me here at ICB, working local events for production solutions, working as a stage hand with the local union, recording as a freelance engineer, being a dad and doing the occasional studio gig as a guitarist.

You cats stay hungry and if you see me in the halls… Holler at your boy, bubs.

Todd Huffman

Todd Huffman

Director of Audio Department at International College of Broadcasting, Production Manager at Production Solutions, Inc., FOH Monitor,System Tech Engineer, Freelance Engineer, Owner of T.H.E.E.A.R., Former Monitor Engineer for Foreigner. Huffman continues to work on many jobs across the United States. Huffman is a User Avid Certified Instructor for 100 level classes. He continues to keep up-to-date with all the programs/methods used in the audio recording business. “Life is full of sine wave, full of ups and downs.”

Tommy Collins

Tommy Collins

Radio Department Director Head at International College of Broadcasting, Cox Media Group, Investigative Reporter, Team Leader in Breaking news, Assistant Program Director for WHIO Radio. “Once you get the radio business in your blood you’ll never get it out!”

Aaron Cline

Aaron, the Production Director at ICB, has a rich, diverse history in Audio & Video through being involved in Film, television, music, in-studio, animation and live events to being involved in post-production for professional entertainment. He currently helps create media content for many clients around the world.

ICB students & student interns for ICB Productions have access to his knowledge & experience on location shooting, post-production, visual effects & equipment. Helping to give the students another look at how visual media can be captured and processed and to inspire and show them now, what takes years of practical hands-on application and experience

“I really do enjoy people watching or listening to something, that was once just neurons firing away in my head.”

John Chaffin

John Chaffin is the Director of Admissions at ICB. John is typically the first person you will meets when you are interested in attending here. He is a music producer, lecturer, and independent filmmaker. With over 70 albums and three nationally awarded films to his credit, John truly understands the importance of having a solid foundation of skills to achieve success and that’s what we help you get here at ICB. A solid foundation of skills taught by people like John; people that have been in the trenches and have had these jobs, not just read about them in books.

Liz Miller

Lizzie Miller is the Financial Aid Coordinator for ICB.  Originally from Washington D.C., she loves Dayton and has over 10 years in assisting students achieve their goal of entering college.

Ms. Miller takes special pride in educating, informing and guiding students and their parents or guardians to help them travel through the sometimes challenging road of obtaining financial assistance.

Lizzie says the first step in obtaining financial assistance is completing the FAFSA application. This will expedite the process for the college to know what additional early steps are necessary in the enrollment process.

Secondly, take the time to seek out the Financial Aid office and ask for help.  We’re always willing to spend time in helping you feel empowered when you know what and how to apply for financial aid.

Whitney Barkley

Whitney L. Barkley is a digital strategist, entrepreneur, and blogger. Her diverse skill-set in marketing and public relations has allowed her to be a part of organizations and businesses that include the National Park Service, FOX19, Cincinnati Works, Education at Work, Easter Seals Tristate, and Wilberforce University. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media from Wilberforce University and a Master of Science degree in Marketing and Communication from Franklin University.

Whitney currently resides in Columbus, Ohio and regularly manages her startup, Barter Babes, LLC, when she is not serving the next generation of media professionals at the International College of Broadcasting (ICB).

Todd Carter

Todd is a seasoned videographer, editor, and motion graphics designer. He has worked in many areas of visual communications, from engineering to on-air reporting. Todd served at several television stations and churches across the United States and has also done a lot of freelance work.

Nicholas Adam Poling

Nicholas Adam Poling holds a BA from Ball State University in Telecommunications and is one of our Audio Engineering instructors. His experience in the industry includes Asst. Operations Director at WCTV from 2007-2011, Station Manager and Instructor of KISS-TV and Radio at Union City Community High School, Host and Creator for YouTube Channel The Monster Report, and Owner of Midwestern Productions, Freelance Videographer and Voice Over Artist.

Erik Donnella

Starting with the 4-track recorder and Radio Shack mike he purchased as a teenager, Erik has been an audio engineer for over 20 years.

He holds a BS in audio engineering from Middle Tennessee State University and is a graduate of Vancouver Film School’s Sound Design for Visual Media program. He is certified as a Pro Tools Operator in both Music and Post-production.

Since finishing film school, Erik’s audio work has mostly focused on film sound projects, most recently specializing in nature documentaries commissioned by the National Park Service and produced by Chicago-based Silver Fir Media.