microphone and laptop how to start a podcast

How to Start Your Own Podcast

Wondering how to start your own podcast? With video streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu, and a host of others battling for their share of the viewing audience, you might think the world of podcasters would have a tough time keeping up with all that competition. Think again. Since their inception in 2004, podcasts have grown […]

Women in the Industry

It’s fair to say that women in the broadcasting industry have had a lot of hurdles to overcome throughout the years. It’s probably more accurate to say that women in any traditionally male-dominated industry have had a lot of challenges to face while on the path to their career goals. Despite imbalances in gender equality […]

Sports Broadcasting – How to Turn Your Passion into a Profession

Turning your passion for Sports Broadcasting into a profession, is not as difficult as you might think. So, if your passion is sports and you thought the only way to turn that passion into a career was to throw like Tom Brady, think again. There are a ton of career paths in the sports industry […]


Audio Engineering for Beginners

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, did it make a sound? If you asked an audio engineer that question, he’d probably say – sure. If the forest had a pair of 8-ohm, 1000-watt speakers with a couple of 8-ohm 1500-watt power amps, then he’d probably start talking […]


What Does a Music Producer Do?

When you’re listening to Taylor Swift’s latest hit or rocking out to an old Metallica jam, the music producer probably doesn’t cross your mind. But a music producer is a huge part of most music recorded today. From top 40 hits, to soundtracks for the next Steven Spielberg flick, music producers bring it all together. […]