Kenny Pyles, Career Services and Student Services Director of ICB

Kenny Pyles

I’m Kenny, your Career Services and Student Services director here at ICB. I am also an ICB grad! I have been a studio musician, touring musician, cook, carpenter and just about any other odd job you can imagine. I have owned my own music store, recording studio, and a small real estate business. I also rebuild/repair guitars. I attribute most of my success’s’ to staying hungry (because a hungry man pursues sustenance), investing in people, and my daughter. I have been an audio engineer for going on 20 years now. I have been blessed to work with some of the biggest names in the business and in some of the coolest places in the states. I started at the ripe age of 15 interning at FJM Studios (now known as “The Lab”) working with Moe Beats and Joe Winner learning the craft.

My love of music and performance brought me there. I worked multitudes of odd jobs while touring as a musician. Some were related, others not. From each experience, I took something with me. My career as well as my life I look at as a patch work quilt. Every job, every experience, and every person I met helped me add a “new patch”. One of the biggest “patches on my quilt” was ICB. Although I had been in the industry for several years, ICB helped me hone my skills and gave me more of a road map to success. Nowadays you can find me here at ICB, working local events for production solutions, working as a stage hand with the local union, recording as a freelance engineer, being a dad and doing the occasional studio gig as a guitarist.

You cats stay hungry and if you see me in the halls… Holler at your boy, bubs.