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6 Key Tips to Up Your Social Media Game

Looking for key tips to up your social media game? We’ve got what you’re looking for. If you’ve never explored the benefits that can come with keeping your social media game strong, you should. Why? Because social media platforms are not only free, they’re effective for getting your message, whatever that is, to the people. Your people. Your audience. To help you maximize what the world of social has to offer, we’ve got 6 key tips to take your social media game to a whole new level!

1 Who are you talking to?

Identifying your target audience is an important piece of the social media puzzle. Knowing who your audience is the first step in choosing the right platform for that audience. There’s no question that some platforms, i.e. – Facebook, have evolved to an older audience. But platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and now the latest, Tik Tok, are more appealing to teens and tweens.

2 Be engaging

Post what’s real and relevant to you and your target audience. Throwing in something fun never hurts. Post regularly and avoid using the same content. People get tired of seeing the same thing over and over! Authenticity rules and the more real you are, the better your chances are to grow and keep followers.

3 Do your research on posting best practices

Do some investigating and find out how often, when and what for posting as they relate to your specific audience. There is a science to this, so why not gather as much info as possible to maximize your posting success?

4 Make content your king

You could post 10 times a day and not gain a single follower if your content is lame. Whatever your brand is, build quality content around it and get creative with it. Think about what would turn your head and engage YOU! The quality of your content is just as important as how often you post.

5 Be a part of your own conversation

When fans or followers respond to your posts, show them you see them. Responding to followers’ questions and comments is a great way to engage them even more. And relevant hashtags to your posts to create even more buzz.

6 You get what you pay for

Paying for followers not only risks account suspension, but you could risk your own social media reputation along with it. Building a following takes time, effort, and strategy. But it’s not worth taking your money or potentially getting banned from the social scene.

Growing your personal or professional brand through social media takes patience. But if you do it correctly, it can really help your career take off.

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