October 12, 2020 Update

To All Current ICB Students: 

As of October 12, 2020 we are continuing with our plan to have small groups of you at a time in the school and in the two recording studios to do hands-on activities while following social distancing rules. We will continue to have all general education and technical general courses online so students will not be onsite for those and the faculty that teach those will remain teaching from home. Students will continue to come in on a staggered scheduled to do the hands-on portions of core classes. This includes Radio classes, Video Production classes and Recording/Audio Engineering classes. 

 Classes that will remain online at this time include: 

-Foundations English
-Business Management 
-Foundations Math
-College Algebra
-College English 
-Broadcast Writing
-Career Development
-Career Exploration 
-Music Theory
-Studio Maintenance
-Mass Media 
-Communications & Public Speaking 

The remainder of the classes will be doing hands-on on a limited basis. Each class that has over 6 students will be divided up into groups who will attend at different times. Your instructor will contact you regarding your core courses. 

The following safety protocol will be in place: 

-Monitoring of temperature and checking for Covid-19 symptoms or exposure to Covid-19 will be checked prior to entry in the building – If you check your temperature at home and it is 100 or higher stay home – if you are sick please do not come to the school as we will have to send you home 

-Sign-in of all students, faculty and staff who enter the building (If your class is in Studio B you must stop at the front office in the main building to sign in and have your temperature checked before proceeding to Studio B) 

-Wearing of masks in the classroom areas and in the break room by students, faculty and staff (we will have disposable paper masks at the school or you can bring one from home if you prefer) 

-6 feet between classroom seats 

-One group will be cleared out of the building with a break allowing for cleaning of the area before the next group is permitted to enter the building. Students must exit the building after their class has completed unless arrangements have been made with your instructor 

-One person per individual Radio studio at a time 

-One person per individual Video station at a time 

-Scheduled breaks at different times so no more than 2-3 students are in the break room at one time 

-6 feet between students in the hallway at any given time 

-Daily cleaning/disinfecting of building including studios 

-Disinfecting equipment and tables between students 

-Availability of wipes and hand sanitizer 

-Posted signs regarding personal hygiene and reminders to wash hands frequently and not touch their faces 

-Number of instructors in the building would be 1-3 at any given time and there are two external Recording studios that are separate and would have one instructor each if a class session were to be running. 

-Students from Video Production, Radio and Recording/Audio Engineering will not be occupying the same place at any point in time. 

-Our primary concern is the safety of our faculty, staff and students. We are excited to have you back in the building! 

Thank you,
Ronda Doster
Assistant School Director/Director of Education