J. Michael LeMaster

J. Michael LeMaster is the President and CEO of the International College of Broadcasting. Mr. LeMaster started his career in proprietary education in 1985, being mentored by his father. His father has been in proprietary education since 1966, becoming a school owner in 1980. Mr. LeMaster grew up in the proprietary school industry. He has held several different positions within the school since 1989, including Financial Aid Director, School Director, Vice President of Operations, and President. His extensive education and training began with a mentorship with his father, Michael A. Lemaster. His father owned multiple schools from 1980 to 2005. J. Michael LeMaster’s background and education include extensive on-the-job training, many workshops, conferences and in-depth training modules. J. Michael LeMaster has been the CEO and President of International College of Broadcasting since 2005. He considers himself exceptionally fortunate to work with many great leaders and faculty in his 40 years in the proprietary school industry.

Nella Citino

Nella Citino

Nella Citino is the Director of Education at the International College of Broadcasting. Nella is a media professional with over 20 years’ experience in the video, media, and film industries. She has supervised national, regional, and local broadcast programs and has produced, directed, and written documentaries, children’s programs, and news segments as well as shorts and feature films.

Her professional credits include the national children’s programs “Get Real!” and “Zoom” and nationally distributed documentaries covering a variety of social issues. Nella has received seven regional Emmys, five Gabriel Awards, Special Recognition from the National Association of Broadcasters, several Telly Awards and several Parents’ Choice Awards. Her feature film “Delight in the Mountain” received the Director’s Award from the Rincon International Film Festival.

She has developed Boot Camps to promote the film and commercial industry work and has developed broadcast, digital and film curriculum.

Nella earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kent State University and a Master of Arts degree from Bowling Green State University.

ICB Campus Director

Rachelle Williams

Rachelle Williams is the Campus Director of the International College of Broadcasting. She has a 16-year background in Financial Aid and Compliance. In September of 2022 she was promoted to the Director of the ICB campus. Her passion is to help students and provide support and guidance to the staff and faculty at the institution.

Rachelle works to ensure that ICB is creating a culture that provides the proper resources, education, experience and knowledge to the student body. When students graduate from ICB, they have the foundation for their professional success through their education. It is her priority to maintain institutional excellence in compliance and student achievement. Rachelle’s passion has always resided in the benefit of our students and the ability to ensure that ICB provides the best possible experience.

Rachelle is proud to be a part of ICB’s rich and diverse history. The institution’s established reputation of excellence in its community is resulted by being a specialized career school since 1968. Rachelle’s hope is to inspire consistent growth for the institution and our students, where everyone feels valued.

Director of Admissions at ICB

Kortney Vega

Kortney Vega is the Director of Admissions at the International College of Broadcasting. She has over a decade of experience working in Marketing, Admissions and Business Development. She holds an A.A.B. in Business Management from Edison State Community College. The media industry has been a passion for Kortney since she was in her junior year of high school, where she took post-secondary courses in Interactive Media. She began pursuing higher education in 2005 towards an Interactive Media Degree, but instead switched her major to Business Management and entered the healthcare industry after college. She had always dreamed of working in the broadcast industry, but it wasn’t until late 2022 that she took her passion seriously and decide to pursue a career path outside of healthcare.

Kortney chose to work at ICB because she believes in the pursuit of dreams. She hopes to help students recognize their passion and potential so that when they enter the career field, it feels less like work and more like living out their dreams. She believes that a person’s career is going to consume a large part of their lives. The only way to be truly satisfied with your career is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.


DeDe Tolar

DeDe Tolar

DeDe Tolar is the Director of Financial Aid at the International College of Broadcasting. She has been working in Financial Aid for the past 26+ years. In 1992, DeDe began teaching at a local preschool in Mississippi and she continued that path for a little over 5 years. She was offered a position working in financial aid in 1997 and pursued a new pathway that allowed her more of an opportunity for advancement. She began her career as an entry level file reviewer and continued to grow and advance her way to the top position working in Financial Aid Disbursement. In 2022, she had the opportunity to move to Ohio and work for the International College of Broadcasting. DeDe had already had an understanding and awareness of the International College of Broadcasting while working in Mississippi. She knew that the change in career path was an opportunity for her to add value to the institution and grow in her own career.

DeDe finds fulfillment in seeing our students grow and flourish in an industry that excites them. Her skills in organization and with numbers allow her to be successful at what she does and help our students in their understanding of the financial aid process.

Kenny Pyles, Career Services and Student Services Director of ICB

Kenny Pyles

Kenny Pyles is the Director of Career and Student Services at the International College of Broadcasting. He graduated from ICB in 2006. At the age of 15, he began interning at FJM Studios working with Moe Beats and Joe Winner learning the craft of audio engineering and media production. He has since become an audio engineer and has continued this profession for the last 28 years.

Kenny has been a studio musician, a touring musician, a cook, a carpenter and just about any other odd job you can imagine. He has owned his own music store, recording studio and a small real estate business. He also builds and repairs guitars. Kenny considers himself blessed to have worked with some of the biggest names in the business and in some of the coolest places in the states.

His love of music and performance brought him to ICB. While working odd jobs and touring as a musician, he gained valuable skills and knowledge. While attending ICB, he honed his skills and found a road map to success. Kenny continues his career at the International College of Broadcasting because he enjoys being a part of a culture that fosters growth, success and fun.

Shirley Drummer

Shirley Drummer

Shirley Drummer is the Office Manager at the International College of Broadcasting. Shirley came to us with a 20+ year background working in the healthcare industry and has a degree in Medical Technology. Her passion is for working with people, specifically those that have a need. Her compassion for helping others comes from a belief in servant leadership. Shirley’s heart is aligned for service and has spent her entire career helping others.

As the Office Manager at ICB, Shirley has the ability to use her skills in service to help our students throughout their journey of pursuing their dreams and passions.

Shirley loves music. Her favorite era is the 70’s and she also enjoys listening to all genres of Christian music. Since she started working for ICB she has found radio to be particularly enticing. She is excited about the exposure to a new industry that allows her to meet new people.

Her advice to students is “Don’t give up. Continue driving towards your happiness. Continue to fulfill your heart, even if it isn’t as easy as you anticipated. Don’t ever give up.”

Tyrone Williams, Video Department Head of ICB

Tyrone Williams

Tyrone Williams is the Head of Video Production and Head of Television at the International College of Broadcasting. Tyrone served for seven years in the United States Army. After his military service, he attended ICB and graduated in 1997 with an associate degree in Audio Engineering and Video Production. After graduation, he began working at Creations On-Hold, Inc. as an Audio Engineer and in Video Production. There, he managed the studio recording and audio postproduction sessions. Tyrone also worked for ICB as the Video Department Lab assistant and Postproduction Manager for ICB Productions. His experience grew in producing corporate videos for profit and non-profit organizations.

Tyrone earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Digital Design and became the Department Head for the TV Department at ICB. He also received the OACCS Master Teacher Award.

Tyrone also works as the Video Director for OFP Productions and Theatre Company, recording live shows and producing promotional videos. He’s had the pleasure of working with artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Black Thought and Malcom Jamal Warner.

Todd Huffman, Director of Audio Department at ICB

Todd Huffman

Todd Huffman has been the Head of Recording and Audio Engineering at the International College of Broadcasting since 2007. In addition, he also is the President/CEO at Production Solutions, Inc. He owns and operates T.H.E.E.A.R and continues in freelance and recording engineering across the United States. Todd is an AVID Certified Instructor for 100 user level ProTools courses.

Todd started playing drums at 12 years old. He later began 4-tracking and mixing his own bands in bars and clubs as he got older. In his early 20’s he started working for Sound Force in Dayton, where he learned how to mix on large format analog consoles and began working with national touring acts as a monitor engineer. He has worked with some recognizable acts such as Destiny’s Child.

He later began working for Production Solutions, Inc. (PSI) as the production manager for 16 years. While working for PSI he was asked to go on tour with the rock band, FOREIGNER in 2006. In 2015, he became the System Tech for the band, Chicago. In 2017 he took ownership of PSI, and currently holds a contract with FRAZE Pavilion and Wright State University to supply technicians as needed for events. Todd continues to work for other sound companies and travels across the country.

Todd works at ICB because he is passionate about imparting the knowledge that he has gained onto students who are looking to begin their path in this exciting field. If he were to give new students advice it would be “Stay current, keep learning, keep a great attitude and enjoy getting paid to play with audio for a living. It is a great way to make a buck!” Also, “Life is like a Sine Wave- full of ups and downs.” -Todd Huffman

Tommy Collins, Radio Department Director of ICB

Tommy Collins

Tommy Collins is the Radio Department Head at the International College of Broadcasting. Tommy started working in Broadcasting at KDAN Radio and KMSP TV in Minneapolis/St. Paul in 1975-1976. He then pursued his education at the International College of Broadcasting and graduated in 1980. After his graduation, he immediately began working as a Radio Disc Jockey and Announcer for WPFB-AM/WPBF-FM Mellow 106 in Middletown, Ohio. He continued working in the radio industry as a DJ and Production Director at WGIC/WBZI Radio in Xenia, Ohio. He then became the Program Director and DJ at WYMJ Majic 104 in Dayton, Ohio. He later became an On-Air Talent at WHIO Radio from 1984-1985. Before he began working at the International College of Broadcasting, he was the Assistant Program Director and News Director at WHIO Radio, and then he became the Breaking News Team Lead at Channel 7 in Dayton, Ohio from 2001-2015.

Tommy chose to work at the International College of Broadcasting because of his sincere passion and desire to give back to the broadcast community and share his knowledge and experience with the next generation, giving them a “real world” understanding of what it takes to be successful in this industry.

Aaron Cline, Production Director of ICB

Aaron Cline

Aaron Cline is the Production Director at the International College of Broadcasting. Aaron is also a proud 2011 graduate of ICB. In addition to his role as the Production Director, he instructs courses in social medial content creation and audio engineering. Aaron has a diverse history in production and postproduction for Television, Film, YouTube, Animation VFX, Recording and Post-Audio. He continues to work for clients around the world as well as several local companies for live events, managing both visuals and live sound. Aaron has achieved many of his goals by always striving to learn more and staying excited about media and production on any stage or platform.

Aaron’s proficiency in visual media, audio engineering and live events stems from his passion about teaching people in the field and students in the classroom. His real-world connections to clients in the community allow him to share those experiences with his students. Aaron can teach students concepts to the final product with relevancy.

Aaron is passionate about life in media and production and wants to share with students that they can be passionate about it too. He aspires to launch many more media professionals into the industry.