Justin Richwine smiling at the camera next to his music plaque.

A Story of Talent and Passion

Music is a powerful medium that can evoke a wide range of emotions and tell stories in a way that words sometimes cannot. For two students at The International College of Broadcasting, music is the perfect way to capture the rhythm of a documentary.

Justin Richwine and Anthony (AJ) Schutzius are talented musicians with a passion for telling stories. When they were approached by Director of Education Nella Citino to create music for a medical documentary about stomach cancer, they jumped at the opportunity.

The documentary, which is titled Stomach Cancer: The Guts to Fight, describes the medical symptoms, prognosis, and indicators of one of the lesser-known cancers. The documentary was produced for a nonprofit located in Madison, Wisconsin, called No Stomach for Cancer.  The students knew that the music they created would need to be evocative for the mood of the film.

They spent many hours working in the school studio, and the music they created became part of the background aesthetics of the film. 

Richwine and Schutzius are happy with their work and are grateful for the opportunity to have used their talents to tell an important story. Richwine states, “It’s interesting how you need to pick up the mood of the film and give the client several options, and that’s what we did.”

The Importance of Music in Film

Music is an essential element of filmmaking. It can help set the mood of a scene, create suspense, and evoke emotion in the viewer. In some cases, music can even be the driving force behind a film’s narrative.

The students who have created a lot of music understand the power of music. According to Richwine, “It can change the world.” 

Richwine is committed to making music. He contributed a plaque to the school which has traveled with him all over the world. He feels that ICB is his home, and the plaque may inspire other students to create music.

The Future of Music in Film

The future of music in post-production is bright. With the continued creativity of musicians and content creators, ICB expects to hear even more amazing music in the years to come.

All students have the opportunity to learn about music at ICB and want to encourage other young people to pursue their dreams in music and video.

If you want to watch the short film and listen to some of their work, here is the link. 

Stomach Cancer_The Guts to Fight on Vimeo Give a thumbs up if you like what you see. 

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