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Easy Video Projects for Beginners

If you are interested in video production, one of the best ways to learn the tips, techniques and technology behind awesome videos is to MAKE A LOT OF VIDEOS. Whether you want to just practice by taking videos on your phone and using some editing software, or you want to invest in a professional video camera with all the bells and whistles, here are some basic video projects that you can try to gain the skills and knowledge you’ll need to create great videos.

Create a montage

Probably almost every movie you’ve ever seen has included a montage. These are sequences set to music that are designed to show that time has passed and how people or relationships have progressed over that time. Montages may also represent flashbacks or memories of time gone by. To master the montage, you’ll need to edit together numerous memorable moments and scenes with the same characters that convey emotion and show that time has passed, and seamlessly weave them together with your selected music track.

Make a video portfolio

If you are into art, video, photography, fashion, graphic design, music, etc., you’ll want to have a portfolio that showcases your creativity to help you get into schools, get internships, get a job, or advance your career. Portfolios used to be large, printed binders, but now are typically online. A video portfolio, when done well, can be an extremely engaging and professional way to display your work. Similar to a montage, you can cut together multiple examples of your best work, set it to compelling music, and make a fabulous first impression. Check out some professional video portfolios online to get ideas.

Do a how-to video

How-to videos are extremely popular these days, from learning how to do a certain dance move, to making a quick and delicious dinner, to “life hacks” that make people’s lives easier. Decide what you are really good at and what you want to teach someone (hobbies, skills, sports, crafts, arts, technology etc.), and then break down your topic into simple steps. Start with simple topics and limit your video to 30 seconds or a minute. Learning how to make a compelling how-to video now could help you in a future career.

Make a stop-motion video

Stop motion videos take a lot of patience but are also a lot of fun. You can take clay figures, action figures, or some other inanimate objects, film them for a second, and then slightly reposition them, film them again – and so on and so on. When you edit everything together, your figures come to life and can run, fight, levitate, etc. This is like modern day flipbook animation where each frame needs to be created individually, but the results can be amazing.

Create a video tour

Take friends and family on a journey with you by creating a video tour – it can be of your new apartment, a vacation house, the newest club or restaurant in town, a garden tour, etc. Basically, you methodically take your viewer through a location and show them around. Again, you can add music and narration to make it more professional. Video tours are all the rage – especially since the pandemic – so learning to make this kind of video may come in handy.

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