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How Video Production Can Boost Your Podcast Strategy

When you are creating a new podcast, it’s critical to promote it across multiple channels to ensure you’re reaching as many people as possible to grow your audience of listeners. This is where you can capitalize on the popularity of video – the number one content medium in the world – to help your podcast rise in the ranks and become a success. Below are some great ways you can use video to give your podcast a boost!

Turn each podcast episode into a video

At a minimum, you can turn each podcast into a simple video that may just display looping b-roll footage in the background or an audio wave animation. You should also include a still cover shot that includes your logo, podcast title, episode number and title, and a picture of you (the host) and – if applicable – your featured guest(s). When you turn your audio recording into a video, you can plug into the enormous popularity of YouTube and other video platforms. Add a transcript, closed captioning, or onscreen links and annotations, which not only will make your podcast accessible to the hearing impaired, but will also help people find your content easier through improved SEO.

Use live, behind-the-scenes footage

Consider live video capturing the recording of your podcast in-studio to give listeners a behind-the-scenes look at you, your process, and your interactions with your guests. This can make them feel more connected and engaged with your podcasts. By posting these videos on YouTube, Vimeo and your podcast’s webpage or blog, you’ll give your fans some bonus content, expand your reach and may attract new followers.

Create a show trailer

If you’re just starting out, you may want to create a quick 30-second podcast trailer that previews a few highlights from your first few episodes, allows you to let people know what the podcast will be about, and generates some enthusiasm and buzz for your new show. If you have talent and experience with video production, you can use those skills to incorporate live footage, b-roll, music, on-screen graphics and more to create a professional video that can be used on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Stories, Tik-Tok, etc.), as ads, and elsewhere to spread the word.

Announce new episodes

Make mini-videos to get people pumped up for your next show – what’s the new topic? Why should people care? Who will you feature? Even a short video that includes a controversial or funny clip can motivate people to listen.

Build a highlight reel

Once you done a decent number of podcasts, you can choose the most interesting clips from each episode and piece them together into a highlight video to give potential listeners an idea of what your show is like. If you have some behind-the-scenes footage you can incorporate here as well, that can make the video even more compelling.

Bottom line: Video is an easy way to broaden your reach, grow your audience, and put your podcast on a path to success.

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