Person in a sound studio exploring innovative careers in the music industry

Innovative Careers in the Music Industry

While it would be awesome to be the next Harry Styles or Taylor Swift, not everyone with a passion for music is destined for (or even wants) superstardom. That doesn’t mean, however, that with talent and training, you can’t land awesome and innovative careers in the music industry. Check out these rewarding, innovative careers in the music industry and see if any of them strike the right chord with you.

Music producer

A music producer understands both the creative and commercial side of the industry, and builds relationships with both recording artists and record label executives. To work as a music producer, you’ll need to have a solid understanding about audio engineering and mixing, be able to help direct the recording engineer, advise the recording artist as to which material to produce, adapt arrangements, and more.

Video and sound engineer

One of the coolest, and potentially most lucrative, music careers today is a video and sound engineer. Love video games? You could be the sound designer for the next Call of Duty – mapping in music, voice and special effect sounds. Video and sound engineers also can work as composers for movie or TV scores, adding suspense, drama or other emotions through music.

Recording engineer

You can help musicians, recording artists, and music companies create the latest hits by recording, editing and mixing sounds as a recording engineer. This career lets you use your creativity and passion for music to take songs from fine to fabulous and make everyone sound their best. In this career, you’ll oversee many technical and creative aspects of creating recorded tracks, working with artists and producers.

DJ/Radio personality

Whether you want to DJ the hottest parties in town and keep the crowds dancing all night, or you want to play tracks and talk on the radio, working as a DJ is an exciting way to bring music to the people, expose them to new and different music, and spread joy. If you have an outgoing personality, and can also learn the tech side of the business, this might be a great opportunity for you.

Session musician

If you like the idea of exploring different music styles, genres, songs, and changing things up, a session musician position may be your dream job. This job gives you the opportunity to play back up or perform with other musicians and bands, both live and in the recording studio. To be a session musician, you’ll need to be versatile, play your instrument well, and be able to both improvise and work under direction. Many famous recording artists started out as session musicians.

This is just a sampling of some of the cool careers you can pursue in the music industry. Other opportunities include tour manager, booking agent, artist manager, music teacher, music therapist, songwriter/lyricist, music publicist, music journalist, and music franchise owner.

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