is studying multimedia right for me?

Is Multimedia Right for Me?

Multimedia is a broad and exciting field that is growing every day. If you’re interested in working in TV, radio, film, internet, social media, podcasting, video production or other emerging media, getting a multimedia degree can prepare you for a range of career paths so you can follow your passion.

Get Hands-On Training

You may already have creative talents – such as writing, drawing, photography or videography – but an accredited school, such as International College of Broadcasting (ICB), can help you master the technical and business skills to take your talents to the next level. Learn to use the latest multimedia tools, equipment, video editing and production software, as well as other multimedia technologies, while gaining real-world n-studio experience.

Enjoy an Exciting and Creative Field

Multimedia is constantly evolving – with new media platforms being invented every day. You’ll be in a creative field where you can use your imagination and talents to create captivating videos, make beautiful music, or bring people together with technology. Multimedia can entertain, educate, and empower.

Explore Different Career Opportunities

There are so many different careers you can explore with a multimedia degree – whether your chosen medium is visual, audio, or both. Possible career paths include camera operator, video editor, production assistant, control tech, social media manager, script writer, on-air personality and more. Enrolling in a Multimedia Production and Broadcasting program can help you learn about these different paths and determine what fits best with your personality and skillset.

Every Day is Different

You’ll never get bored working in the multimedia industry. One day you may be cutting together a cool new music video, and the next you may be on a location shoot for a TV commercial. If you enjoy learning new things and working on a wide range of projects, a multimedia career might be right for you.

Check out ICB

If you’re interested in pursuing an exciting and rewarding career as a multimedia professional, ICB can help you get there with our innovative Multimedia Production and Broadcasting program. To learn more, contact us or give us a call at 855-896-3733