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Social Media Video Trends in 2021

Video content is wildly popular online – it entertains, informs, and engages far better than a written article or a still photo. People love sharing videos on social media sites especially; some social sites like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram Reels/IGTV were created solely to showcase videos. In fact, according to Cisco, 82% of all internet traffic is from video – almost a million minutes of video cross the internet every second! That’s A LOT of videos. With so much video content, it’s important that you produce videos that stand out from the crowd and capture all the viral views you crave. Here are some hot social media video trends in 2021 that will help you create and promote videos that get rave reviews.

Ephemeral Video

Ephemeral videos are short, snack-sized videos that are only accessible for a short period of time. Users of platforms like Snapchat or Instagram stories line up to watch these limited-time-only videos before they disappear forever. Brands are increasingly using ephemeral videos for their social media marketing, as they tend to have higher engagement rates than other kinds of videos, and users find them addicting.

Vertical Video

Videos typically used to be horizontally-oriented so they would display nicely on your computer screen. Now, however, the majority of social media users are watching videos on their phones, so vertical is the way to go. According to MediaBrix, less than 30% of mobile users watch videos horizontally, and vertical videos have a 90% higher completion rate. Remember to cater to your viewers and the platform you are using when you are shooting your video.

Shoppable Video

Businesses are rightfully excited about the opportunities that are coming from new shoppable videos. Essentially, brands can now create videos which feature their products and post them to social media sites. There, viewers can actually click on the products shown in the video and buy them directly. New technologies that allow users to interact with video have more applications than just shopping, but the money-making potential of this trend makes it a hot one for 2021.

Live Video

Live video was huge in 2020, as the pandemic caused many people to turn to it as a safe and inexpensive way to hold an event, concert, or show. One in five Facebook videos are now live streams, and that upward trend is expected to continue in 2021. Still, the quality of these videos can sometimes be rather poor. If you want to produce live videos, make yours stand out by incorporating onscreen graphics, professional lighting and a steady hand.

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