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Sports Broadcasting – How to Turn Your Passion into a Profession

Turning your passion for Sports Broadcasting into a profession, is not as difficult as you might think. So, if your passion is sports and you thought the only way to turn that passion into a career was to throw like Tom Brady, think again. There are a ton of career paths in the sports industry in general. But if you’re one of those sports fanatics who has great communication skills and performs well under pressure then you might be the perfect fit for a career in sports broadcasting! What does it take to pursue a future that helps you turn your passion into a purpose while also paying the bills? To help answer that question, we’ve rounded up some info on how to earn a living with an exciting career in sports broadcasting.

What kind of education do I need?

Broadcasting careers usually begin with some kind of formal communications, journalism or broadcasting training. Whether you choose a two-year (associate degree) or four-year program (bachelor’s degree), most programs include courses in audio production, multimedia production, broadcasting and a variety of other related topics. You should consider several factors when deciding between a two-year or four-year program. What are your goals? Timeline? Finances? Two-year programs tend to be more focused on core skills and are ideal for the student who is looking to start a career sooner than later.

Stay informed and knowledgeable about sports. You don’t have to run plays or throw touchdown passes to do your job as a sports broadcaster, but you should understand the games, the history, the rules and know the players. Translation – you’ve got to make football Sunday a “job thing.” Talk about a perk!

So, I chose a school, now what?

Like any industry, the more you know (not to mention who you know) the better. To give yourself an edge and potentially make valuable connections in the industry, seek out internship opportunities at local television and or radio stations. Join industry associations to expand your contact base even further. Get out there and start broadcasting that you’re here and you’re ready to be a part of the sports broadcasting industry.

You can also put your skills to work as you learn them by creating a demo reel. If you intern at a local school radio or tv station, it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and put it in a format you can send to prospective employers.

Where can I learn more about a career in broadcasting?

International College of Broadcasting (ICB) is a great place to start. ICB is preparing students for careers in the world of broadcasting. With both an associate degree and diploma program to choose from, ICB is helping graduates blaze their own trail in broadcasting with small class sizes, instructors with real-world experience and a curriculum focused on teaching the core skills in half the time of a four-year program. For more information, contact ICB today or schedule a tour of our campus. Get off the sidelines and into the game of a brighter future.