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Start a Podcast Series #2: Find Your Why

5 Tips to Help You Find Your Why

Podcasting is the new blogging. Its rising popularity – especially during lockdown – has shown that more and more people enjoy listening to compelling content instead of reading it. It allows them to multitask – letting them be educated and entertained on their favorite topics while sitting in traffic, riding a bike, or heading out for a run.

That also means that podcasting is quickly becoming a viable career choice or a rewarding side hustle. In our last blog post, we talked about the importance of finding your niche in this increasingly crowded space, but it’s also important to find your why. Below are 5 tips to help you determine if and why podcasting is right for you.

You love to tell stories. 

The best podcasters don’t just talk for a living, they engage their audiences with compelling storytelling that makes each story come alive. If you have an outgoing personality, a good sense of drama and pacing, and understand how to structure a story properly to captivate listeners, podcasting might be the perfect outlet for you.

You have something you are passionate about.

This goes back to finding your niche. Whether you are passionate about new alternative music, finding the best craft brew beer, or discussing classic movies of the 1940s, that passion gives you a unique podcast topic, a subject that you can become an expert in, and a specific audience who share your interests.

You want to connect with people.

For a podcast to be successful, you must find ways to connect with your audience, build trust and loyalty. This means being authentic and letting your true personality shine through. Also, if you interview people on your podcast, which is a commonly used format, you’ll need to be confident in your interviewing skills, ask the right questions, and find ways to get people to open up to you.

You’re motivated and willing to stick with it.

Podcasting only works when it’s done regularly and consistently to build up a loyal following. You have to be willing to keep coming up with new content and ideas and to stick with it – even when you are starting out and have few listeners. Podcasting is definitely an industry where persistence pays off.

You have the technical skills and talents.

While it’s easy enough for anyone to buy a cheap microphone on Amazon and start podcasting, a solid foundation in audio engineering can give you a competitive edge. By having the skills and talents to properly record and edit your podcasts (as well as possibly adding sound effects and music), you’ll produce a much more professional-sounding result that will stand out among a sea of amateurs.

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