Technology and the Music Industry

Technology and the Music Industry

It’s hard to imagine a single area in the world today that hasn’t been impacted by technology, and the music industry is no different. In fact, it’s safe to say that rapidly evolving technology over the last decade has literally transformed the music industry as we know it. From the way music is made to the way we listen, to what we listen to, the music industry is a whole different animal today. Just how different? Let’s start with the basics.

So, you want to make music?

The explosion of digital technology has surely left its mark on the way music is made today. Voice a little pitchy? Not to worry! With auto tuning technology, you can smooth out those rough edges in tone or pitch. Want to add a drum beat but don’t actually play drums? A little audio engineering and you can pull together a virtual orchestra! The accessibility of high-tech software and equipment has opened the door to a whole new generation of musical entrepreneurs. In fact, technology has even created new genres of music, like electronica, K-pop and dub step.

Stream me up Scotty

The way we listen to music is probably the biggest technology driven change to date. Streaming technology and the world wide web has transported every kind of music there is,across the entire world. And thanks to social media, platforms like YouTube and Tik-Tok have launched the careers of musical artists who may never have been heard of in decades past, much less seen.

It actually is a small world after all

The enormous power of digital technology and all its social media might has made the world a whole lot smaller. Fans of the past would have had to send hand-written letters via the good old US postal service to share their obsession with their favorite artist. And if they weren’t on MTV or had an album arriving at the local record store, you’d barely get a glimpse of your idol! The musical artists of today are everywhere and anywhere, all at once, and you can feel totally up close and personal with your favorite artist, band or icon just by simply following them on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Facebook.

A really, really big show

It’s hard to deny the impact that technology has had on live concerts. The days where elaborate pyrotechnics were the way to pull off a really, really big show, have been replaced by holograms and drones and a myriad of cool technological effects. Which are all brought to you live for your viewing pleasure. This modern-day fan experience is not the experience your parents had back then.

Most would agree that one of the things that binds all of us together is the sound of music. Whether your preference is hip-hop, techno, K-pop or alternative, the love of music seems to be universal. And thanks to technology, accessing the music you love, is also pretty universal.

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