ICB Students Experience the Evolution of Song

The Evolution of Song

ICB second semester student Anthony (AJ) Schutzius wrote a song for the ICB talent show.  He taught himself how to play the guitar, and he wanted to write a song dedicated to his girlfriend. His friend and fellow ICB student Justin Richwine also performed during the talent show.  

ICB Student Playing Gitar

But That’s Not All…  

What happened afterwards speaks to the creativity and initiative of ICB students. AJ and Justin wanted to record their songs in the school’s studio, so for the next three or four weeks, they produced their songs and laid down additional tracks.  

The Story Behind the Music

Justin’s background and his love for music got him through three tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iran.  He oversaw ammo and received the ammo in shipping containers.  So, in his down time, Justin created recording studios out of the shipping containers. He used the foam for sound absorption and set up a little studio. He created recordings for anybody who walked through the shipping container doors.  He did this for his fellow soldiers, so they could take their minds off the daily reminders of missions. At least fifteen people recorded in the studio in about a year’s time. He also accumulated things, including acoustic guitars, from people who had left items behind.  He created a space and place for a creative outlet, and he has done the same at ICB.

international college of broadcasting in studio work

What’s Next?

Justin has an interest in rap while AJ likes soft rock and lyrical blends.  The two plan on creating albums next spring. In the meantime, you can listen to their songs. AJ created Sun Shine Boy while Justin created Revenge Tour.  

ICB students collaborating to create music

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