What Can I Do with a Multimedia Degree from ICB

What Can I Do with a Multimedia Degree?

Getting a multimedia degree is a smart choice for your future because there are so many different career paths you can take. We are surrounded by different forms of media – TV, film, radio, video, podcasts, websites and apps, video games – and new forms of media are emerging every day. So, what can you do with a multimedia degree? Here are just a few of the exciting careers you can pursue when you have a multimedia degree from an accredited school like the International College of Broadcasting (ICB)

Camera Operator

A career as a camera operator is ideal for someone who is both creative and technical. In large scale productions, assistants will position the equipment, while camera operators will monitor camera settings, lighting, rigs and set, and work with other operators to get different shots and angles of the same scene. This is a great job for you if you enjoy working with the camera, going to different locations, and doing a wide variety of work.

Video Editor

Video editors are the stars behind the scenes. They take all the raw footage, b-roll, graphics, dialogue/narration and special effects and put them all together to make a polished final product. You may want to start your career as an assistant video editor, helping prepare segments for editing, checking for continuity and generally assisting the video editors throughout the process. Then you can work your way up as you gain experience and expertise.

Production Assistant

Working as a production assistant is a great way to get started in the multimedia industry because you’ll do a variety of things and get to learn about the production process behind the scenes. Production assistants are usually responsible for printing and distributing scripts, running errands for directors and producers, and coordinating tasks to ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Master Control Tech

A master control technician monitors and records television broadcasts to ensure quality and compliance with government regulations. Duties for this position include observing and recording satellite, cable, or live on-air programs, and using technology to record, dub, or make other adjustments to the broadcasts.

Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, you are in charge of managing an organization’s social media presence across multiple channels, developing campaigns, creating content (including video), and responding to comments as the voice of your company’s brand. This role has become increasingly important as businesses now rely on social media to acquire customers and drive sales.

Other career paths available to graduates of a Multimedia program include disc jockey, promotional director, traffic coordinator, music director, news or features writer, and more!

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