Recording Studio

Industry Professional Video Cameras and Workstations

Recent technology advances change the way professionals work. Prime Time television networks and post production houses have changed over to the HD format, and so has ICB.

ICB’s TV department offers the use of Panasonic MiniDV cameras that use the 3 CCD technology, which is considered broadcast quality at DV125. ICB’s latest addition to camera technology is the Canon 60D, which offers 1920x1080p HD footage. Both of these cameras are available to students for use on projects in the field.  Students will also learn about the 3 chip CMOS (Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor), which has recently increased the quality of video.

Video classes at ICB will introduce different camera techniques, and learn about how to avoid awkward and unfamiliar body positioning. The TV department offers studio time with ICB Records, which is dedicated to highlighting the wealth of talent in the Miami Valley 17′ by 22′ by 12′ Chroma key, including an 8′ by 4′ floor.

The studio also has an NTSC digital control room that is used for student productions and Spotlight, our 30-minute soft news program. In addition, the studio also offers three 3 CCD studio cameras on dolly tripod bases for easy floor movement.

In all, the TV department has 10 editing workstations for the students to complete their video production projects, and can be reserved at various points of the day. ICB primarily uses Final Cut Pro version 6.01 as its video-editing suite.


Drum Set

ICB uses and teaches Pro Tools, the industry standard digital audio workstation in the recording industry. The recording program includes hands-on training with Pro Tools LE workstations, and the school’s main Pro Tools HD system.

The campus houses two separate recording studios, which include isolated band rooms, drum rooms, and vocal booths. ICB’s curriculum includes an emphasis on learning both analog and digital recording methods, so students can grasp the progression of how work used to be done and how it completed in modern studios.

ICB is also partnered with McDSP and is the only Avid-sponsored school in the state, giving its students opportunities to use and purchase top of the line professional audio gear and plugins at huge discounts. Pro Tools 101 certification training is also provided as part of the standard curriculum.


The ICB Library is located in the far west end of the building. ICB is a member of LIRN (Library and Information Resources Network), a consortium of educational institutions that have joined together to share access to information resources.

The Media Library offers 6 Bluetooth-enabled iMacs, a printing station, and an accumulation of hard back text books, trade periodicals, and magazines. Students can work on their homework and stay updated with the school’s virtual database and physical library at their fingertips.

Software available in the library includes Final Cut Studio (including SoundtrackPro, LiveType, and Motion), Microsoft Office, and various multimedia editing programs.