J. Michael LeMaster

J. Michael LeMaster is the President and CEO of the International College of Broadcasting. Mr. LeMaster started his career in proprietary education in 1985, being mentored by his father. His father has been in proprietary education since 1966, becoming a school owner in 1980. Mr. LeMaster grew up in the proprietary school industry. He has held several different positions within the school since 1989, including Financial Aid Director, School Director, Vice President of Operations, and President. His extensive education and training began with a mentorship with his father, Michael A. Lemaster. His father owned multiple schools from 1980 to 2005. J. Michael LeMaster’s background and education include extensive on-the-job training, many workshops, conferences and in-depth training modules. J. Michael LeMaster has been the CEO and President of International College of Broadcasting since 2005. He considers himself exceptionally fortunate to work with many great leaders and faculty in his 40 years in the proprietary school industry.