ICB Campus Director

Rachelle Williams

Rachelle Williams is the Campus Director of the International College of Broadcasting. She has a 16-year background in Financial Aid and Compliance. In September of 2022 she was promoted to the Director of the ICB campus. Her passion is to help students and provide support and guidance to the staff and faculty at the institution.

Rachelle works to ensure that ICB is creating a culture that provides the proper resources, education, experience and knowledge to the student body. When students graduate from ICB, they have the foundation for their professional success through their education. It is her priority to maintain institutional excellence in compliance and student achievement. Rachelle’s passion has always resided in the benefit of our students and the ability to ensure that ICB provides the best possible experience.

Rachelle is proud to be a part of ICB’s rich and diverse history. The institution’s established reputation of excellence in its community is resulted by being a specialized career school since 1968. Rachelle’s hope is to inspire consistent growth for the institution and our students, where everyone feels valued.