Todd Huffman, Director of Audio Department at ICB

Todd Huffman

Todd Huffman has been the Head of Recording and Audio Engineering at the International College of Broadcasting since 2007. In addition, he also is the President/CEO at Production Solutions, Inc. He owns and operates T.H.E.E.A.R and continues in freelance and recording engineering across the United States. Todd is an AVID Certified Instructor for 100 user level ProTools courses.

Todd started playing drums at 12 years old. He later began 4-tracking and mixing his own bands in bars and clubs as he got older. In his early 20’s he started working for Sound Force in Dayton, where he learned how to mix on large format analog consoles and began working with national touring acts as a monitor engineer. He has worked with some recognizable acts such as Destiny’s Child.

He later began working for Production Solutions, Inc. (PSI) as the production manager for 16 years. While working for PSI he was asked to go on tour with the rock band, FOREIGNER in 2006. In 2015, he became the System Tech for the band, Chicago. In 2017 he took ownership of PSI, and currently holds a contract with FRAZE Pavilion and Wright State University to supply technicians as needed for events. Todd continues to work for other sound companies and travels across the country.

Todd works at ICB because he is passionate about imparting the knowledge that he has gained onto students who are looking to begin their path in this exciting field. If he were to give new students advice it would be “Stay current, keep learning, keep a great attitude and enjoy getting paid to play with audio for a living. It is a great way to make a buck!” Also, “Life is like a Sine Wave- full of ups and downs.” -Todd Huffman