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Creating Content as a Career

Content for digital media is everywhere these days, and content marketing is one of the hottest industries in the world. According to a recent report, the content creation industry is expected to grow to a value of $47.2 billion by 2032. If you’re interested in joining this rapidly evolving field, it’s important to know what will be expected of you, what skills you’ll need, and how to get on the path to career success.

What Does a Content Creator Do?

A content creator develops content to be used in digital media, which encompasses many things. Content includes blog posts, social media posts, videos, e-books, web pages, graphics/images, podcasts and more.

Most businesses and organizations have in-house content creators, but you can also work for a content creation agency, video production studio, or go freelance if you want a career in this popular field.

In addition to creating great content in whatever format you choose, you’ll also likely work closely with a creative team, help prepare content plans, promote your content across multiple platforms, monitor engagement, and analyze and measure the traffic going to your content to show results.

How Do You Become a Content Creator?

Because there is such a wide range of content types, it’s best to start by considering where your talents and passions lie.  Do you love making fun TikTok videos with your friends? Do you aspire to host your own podcast? Would being a social media manager be your dream job?

Once you decide what direction you want to take, it’s important to get the training you need. At the International College of Broadcasting (ICB), we can teach you all you need to know to enter the world of broadcasting, video production, audio recording, and multimedia. You’ll have the opportunity to take courses online, in person, and in studio, learning all the technology, equipment, and skills you’ll need to succeed.

At ICB, we don’t just teach, we help build careers.

If you’re not sure what type of content you want to focus on, consider getting a dual degree such as our Video Production and Recording Audio Engineering program. Additionally, more and more employers are looking for content creators who are skilled in more than one format.