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What is the Difference Between a Music Producer and an Audio Engineer?

Music producers and audio engineers are both essential to the recording process, but they play very different roles. Sometimes, people unfamiliar with the music industry will use the terms “producer” and “engineer” interchangeably, but they require different skills. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in music, it’s important to understand the distinction and to determine which career path is best for you it starts with understanding the difference between a music producer and an audio engineer.

What is a Music Producer?

A music producer manages all aspects of the creation of the music and is in charge of the recording session or album. While, like an audio engineer, a music producer must have a solid understanding of the technical aspects of making a successful recording, they also have the creative vision to help the artists choose the right songs, create the best arrangements, and coax out the best performances. They also handle all the logistics of recording the work and oversee the audio engineers to ensure the sound being produced fits their vision.

What is an Audio Engineer?

While a music producer manages the project, an audio engineer does the hands-on technical work of recording it. The audio engineer sets up the studio and recording equipment, places the mics, operates the soundboard and other equipment, and may also mix the recorded tracks. Audio engineers are technicians who often work at recording studios and understand how to use the recording space and equipment to produce the best sound.

Opportunities for Crossover

Sometimes people who start out as audio engineers move into a music producer role as they gain experience and insight. And there are some music producers that also act as audio engineers on their tracks. There are opportunities in the music industry for skilled and talented people, who have the right training, to choose their own career path.

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