girl speaking about how to become an on camera personality in 2022

How To Be an On-Camera Personality in 2022?

If you want to be an on-camera personality – whether that means a news broadcaster, the host of your own vlog, or an interviewer/presenter on TV or video – you’ll need confidence, charisma, and some training and practice to gain the skills you need. Here are some other tips to help your personality shine on camera.

Be Prepared

Whether you are being interviewed or interviewing someone else, be sure you’ve done your research and know your questions or key talking points inside and out. Practice with a friend until you feel comfortable and ready for different scenarios.

Look the Part

Dress in solid, primary colors and avoid busy patterns which can look wavy on camera. Women should wear separates instead of a dress, so they can easily wear a microphone, and keep their makeup subtle. Opt for minimal, simple jewelry. Also – while it’s your time to shine, you don’t want to look shiny. Even men should use a little powder or oil blotting papers on their face before going on air.

Watch Your Body Language

Sit up straight, look directly into the camera, and breathe deeply to calm yourself. Avoid sweeping hand gestures, fidgeting, bouncing your legs, excessive blinking or other tics that make you look nervous and can be distracting to viewers. Prior to going on camera, do what you can to relax – whether that means meditation, listening to music, or even doing a few jumping jacks to get rid of the jitters.

Be Friendly and Authentic

Use your natural voice, smile, and talk like you would to a friend or a loved one. If you make a mistake or misspeak, simply correct yourself and move on. Also, people tend to talk too fast when they are nervous. Slow down, pace yourself, and use simple, easy-to-understand language. The more relaxed you are, the more the audience will connect with you. Let your personality shine through.

Stay Hydrated

You might be surprised with how quickly your mouth can dry out when you are nervous. Have some water with lemon in it to sip on when you need it, and don’t hesitate to take a water break between shooting.

Check out ICB

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