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How to Start a Broadcasting Career

If you’d like to have a career in broadcasting, you’ve probably heard that it’s a competitive industry. While that may be true, it’s also true that there are more broadcasting jobs than ever before, and demand is high if you have skill and talent. Here are some tips to starting the broadcast career of your dreams.

Get the Proper Training

Getting the proper training from an accredited school may be the most important step to launching a successful career in broadcasting. At the International College of Broadcasting, we offer a Broadcasting diploma program and an Associate Degree Program in Multimedia Production and Broadcasting, both of which combine hands-on studio instruction with online courses for a fast, flexible approach to acquiring all the broadcasting skills you need to succeed.

Consider Your Options

Broadcasting now encompasses a broad range of career options, so think about where your strengths and interests lie to pursue the right career path for you. Possible positions in broadcasting include anchor, copywriter, researcher, digital content producer, podcast host, audio producer, news or sports reporter, on-air home, video editor, camera operator and more!

Learn a Broad Set of Skills

Sometimes, in broadcasting, you have to wear many hats, so it’s important to learn a lot and be flexible and open-minded. You may think that you are only interested in radio, for example, but may discover a love of video production or social media content. Learn as much as you can and try different things – even if they are outside of your comfort zone.

Get an Internship

Experience at a real TV or radio station is priceless, so, once you’re toward the end of your training, look for an internship to gain that experience. Some internships are paid and others are not, but either way you’ll gain valuable knowledge and build relationships that may help launch your career.

Create a Custom Reel & Portfolio

Finally, to make yourself stand out, be sure to build a custom resume, cover letter, video reel/broadcast portfolio for each position you apply for. Even if you have no “real world” experience, you can showcase the best work you’ve done in your training to highlight your skills.

Check out ICB

If you’re interested in pursuing an exciting and rewarding career in broadcasting, the International College of Broadcasting (ICB) can help you prepare with innovative programs in Audio and Video RecordingBroadcasting, and Multimedia Production & Broadcasting. To learn more, contact us or give us a call at 855-896-3733.