Vlogging Expand Your Brand

How Vlogging Can Expand Your Personal Brand

With advances in digital technology and platforms like YouTube making it possible to reach a global audience in seconds, it’s easy to see why video blogging or vlogging, is rapidly becoming a go-to marketing tool to expand your personal brand. Yes, it’s a brave new world where the more visible your brand the better. Whether your goal is to increase website traffic or promote a product or service, incorporating vlogging into your marketing plan can help you reach and engage your target audience like never before.

Why Add Vlogging to Your Marketing Plan

Similar to a blog, a vlog provides relevant information that is intended to engage the viewer. But vlogging takes viewer engagement to the next level with the power of the visual. While there’s no question blogs are a fantastic marketing tool; some consumers simply don’t enjoy or don’t have time to read a 2000-word blog. A quick video snippet that essentially gives a condensed version in an engaging format can pack a powerful marketing punch.

What Kind of Vlogs Should I Consider for my Business?

It’s truly all about building brand awareness. So, consider your target audience when you’re developing vlog content. There are several different ways to approach vlogging that can bring consumers to your table while growing your brand.

Instructional Videos – The most popular video sharing platform, YouTube, has become the virtual how-to resource for everything from baking cookies to building an airplane. A reported one billion hours of videos are watched daily on YouTube alone. 500 million people are watching videos on Facebook. Taking advantage of mega audience platforms by developing a how-to video for your product or service can help you take your business to the next level.

Ask an Expert – Along the same lines as an instructional video, interview an expert in your industry. You can make it a regular occurrence and keep your audience’s attention over the long-term.

Go Live – While your audience may not be interested in your sister’s gender reveal party, broadcasting live events is another great way to vlog your way into people’s hearts. If you’re about to launch a new product, service or hot topic, live footage is always an attention grabber. But going live has its risks too, so make sure you keep things consumer friendly and G-rated.

Host a Q & A Session – What better way to get your audience involved, than to actually get them involved? Vlog a live or prerecorded question and answer session with viewers to demonstrate your connection to your audience. But again, if you’re opting for a live session, be prepared for the unexpected.

There are a ton of ways to build your followers and your brand with the power of visual. Let’s face it, it’s a visual world and the world wants content that is easily digestible. Vlogging through your company website, YouTube, social media or all of the above can help you connect with your audience in a whole new way. You don’t have to do it alone. There are so many talented video production professionals who can help you develop a vlog that gets your brand noticed. So, get out there and start vlogging your way to success! If the world of video production and broadcasting has you more than a little intrigued, check out the programs at International College of Broadcasting (ICB). ICB is helping students get hands-on training in Video Production / Recording Audio Engineering, Broadcasting and Multimedia Production. With a two-year intensive program in television and radio, ICB can help put you on the path to an exciting future! Contact ICB today to learn more or to schedule a tour of the campus.