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The Future of Radio

Radio has been around since the early 1900s, but the rapid rise of new technologies has led many to wonder if radio is becoming obsolete. Fear not, friends! The future of radio is bright as the medium grows and evolves. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in radio broadcasting, there are a lot of developments and opportunities to be excited about.

Internet Radio

Unlike traditional radio that broadcasts via AM or FM radio waves, internet radio (aka, web radio, online radio, streaming radio) provides digital audio via the internet. Internet radio streams audio content to users, including services like news, sports talk, and every genre of music you can think of – just like broadcast stations. The most popular internet radio platforms include TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio, and Sirius XM, but often local radio stations will also offer corresponding internet radio as well.

Smart Speakers & Radio Apps

Originally, you would stream internet radio on your computer to listen, but now, with radio apps and smart speakers, you can access thousands of live and local radio stations from virtually anywhere. At home, you can ask Alexa or Google Home to play music or podcasts or listen on-the-go from your mobile device. While today, you may have to plug your phone into your vehicle’s USB unit to access your apps, experts predict that in the future, all cars will be able to connect wirelessly.


Podcasting has been increasing in popularity exponentially over the past few years. Forecasters predict that by 2023, there will be more than 160 million podcast listeners. Podcasting typically differs from streaming content in that digital recordings are made available for download, to be played back at the listener’s convenience. Podcasts cover virtually any interest you can think of and come in a variety of lengths and formats.

Hybrid Radio

Hybrid radio seamlessly combines traditional broadcast radio with the internet to provide an enhanced experience. Your broadcast signal continues to carry audio, but a hybrid radio with an internet connection would also receive complementary content – visuals and information that go along with the song you are listening to, for example, that you can interact with to learn more. Additionally, if you’re in a car and you start to lose reception on the broadcast station, the hybrid radio can switch to the internet audio stream.

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