Looks like the world resonates music in 2021

What does the world of music look like for 2021?

To understand what the world of music will look like in 2021, we should first look at the impact good ole 2020 had on the industry. With a global pandemic to contend with and the majority of live events and tours canceled, it’s been a tough year for artists and fans alike. But where there are artists who want to make music and fans who want to listen – there will always be a way to get those two things together and 2021 will be all about adapting quickly and innovating the way we do it.

Virtual gets more real

It’s not like we haven’t been doing our favorite music virtually anyway with the explosion of live streaming. With AI tech tools like Siri and Alexa, we can simply speak out loud to get the music we want. But there’s also the technology behind social media platforms that is creating social music platforms, where you can mutually enjoy music with like-minded fans. Not only that, with the power of virtual reality, you can bust a move with friends who could be states away.

Go small or stay home

It’s no secret that a packed arena or stadium will be slow to come back. But as 2021 unfolds, you’ll likely see artists performing for smaller (masked) groups in smaller theaters, clubs, and venues that can comply with the 6-foot rule. Which is a small price to pay for die-hard fans who have been locked down for what seems like a lifetime.

The great outdoors

With so much coordination required, you’re still unlikely to see the mammoth crowds of pre-Covid. And while some larger events are likely still not going to return until well into 2021, concert promoters are likely to take the festival-like route with performances outside where the risks are less.

The return of the drive-in

Not the old drive-in movie theater of decades past but the same principle. Stand-up comedians have taken their shows, not on the road, but to parking lots where they can share some laughs with fans who remain in their cars and the crowds have been loving it! Musicians are sure to follow suit in 2021.

Let’s face it, it’s unlikely that things will return to what we thought of as normal in 2021. But what the world of music will look like in 2021 can be pretty awesome too and better to embrace change than forego all the things that music brings. If anything, the universal appeal of music has become even more important to keeping people feeling connected in a post-Covid society.

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