Why a Career in Multimedia is More Important Than Ever

Why a Career in Multimedia is More Important Than Ever

There’s no question the explosion of technology over the last several decades has created a whole new world filled with a whole lot more career options. After all, the world has seen the birth of Bluetooth, virtual reality, self-driving cars, social media platforms a-plenty, and smart – just about everything – from phones, to watches, to houses and more. But one career path that has become more important than ever in the tech-savvy society of today is a career in multimedia. But before we explore the why a career in multimedia is more important than ever, let’s start with the what.

What is Multimedia?

Multimedia is just as it sounds, a combination of multiple forms of media, used to create content and communication for a specific purpose. Graphics, images, sound, text and animation are all used in some combined form to create multimedia. It could also be described as the ultimate meshing of artistry and technology.

How is Multimedia Used?

Let us count the ways! It’s true that multimedia has made its’ way into so many parts of our daily lives from many different directions. Every time you open up social media and click on an interactive quiz or game, that is an example of multimedia. The animated movie you watched with computer-generated images (CGI) is also an example of a form of multimedia. And probably one of the more obvious examples is gaming. Whether it’s the latest Call of Duty or your three-year old’s Disney game, multimedia is at the core of your user experience.

What Does a Multimedia Artist Do?

Multimedia artists and designers create the special effects and content for all of the above. You’ll find graphic designers, game designers, web design specialists, animators and more working in the multimedia industry. Using a variety of computer programs and other technical tools, these talented artists work across the spectrum and find careers in the music industry, advertising, television and movies, video game design, and more. Also, MMJ (Multi-Media Journalist) and AMJ (All Media Journalist) is a term now given to those in Radio and Television who can do it all!  Could that be you?

Why is a Career in Multimedia More Important Than Ever? 

The answer is supply and demand. The world today thrives on technology and let’s face it, the desire for creative ways to engage a particular audience is bigger than ever before. It’s also important because of the wide range of industries today who use multimedia to reach those audiences. That means a consistent demand for qualified multimedia professionals.

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