green screen

What You Should Know Before Getting in Front of a Green Screen

Have you finally landed that dream role of being in front of the camera? Before you get ready for your close-up, there are definitely some things you should know before getting in front of a green screen! When actors are filmed in front of a green screen, the green background can be digitally replaced with a completely different one. Sounds pretty magical but that’s the power of digital technology. So, in order to get the best results, keep reading to find out what you should know before you get in front of a green screen…

Dress for the green

Steer clear of stripes or patterns when selecting what to wear in front of a green screen as those styles can create wavy patterns on the film. But most importantly, don’t wear green! Wearing green in the footage will cause you to appear transparent when the green screen is digitally removed.

Avoid shimmer and shin

Anything that can reflect too much light can create a shimmer in the film. So, avoid flashy jewelry, props, or clothing with shiny surfaces.

Swap your glasses for contact lenses

Glasses can reflect the green from the green screen as well as the lights used around it. You’ll want to forego the glasses or trade them for contact lenses while filming.

Adjust your makeup

A totally green background is not always facially friendly and can leave actors looking pale. Be sure to adjust your makeup to accommodate the lights and green screen background to avoid that washed out look.  

Slow your roll

If you’re moving around during filming, be careful not to move too quickly to avoid motion blur. Fast moving objects tend to blend in with the green screen, so unless there have been adjustments to the filming to accommodate fast action, just make sure to move slow and easy.

Tame your hair

If you’re among the many that are blessed with an abundance of wild, unruly curls or your hair tends to be frizzy, tame that mane! Otherwise you can appear to have green highlights in your hair.

Green screen technology has been around since the 1900’s and gives video and multimedia producers the ability to shoot from virtually any location without actually having to physically be there. If you’re looking to explore a career in the world of video production and multimedia, check out the programs at International College of Broadcasting (ICB). Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a campus tour.