How to Become a Camera Operator in Film or TV

The role of a camera operator is vital in creating compelling and professional TV shows, movies and videos. A camera operator works with the Director of Photography, Choreographer, and Director to set up every shot in a production and film it. They also must double-check the lighting and focus for each shot and help act as a liaison between the Director, the actors, and the onset crew. If you’re interested in pursuing an exciting, behind-the-scenes career the TV or film industry, here are some tips to put you on the path to success.

Get the Right Education

A good camera operator must have artistic skills (such as a good eye for composition) as well as technical skills (understanding different types of cameras, their features, and how to use them). Attending an accredited school like International College of Broadcasting (ICB) can provide you with all the knowledge you need to enter the exciting world of multimedia. Our programs in Broadcasting, Video Production and Multimedia Production will not only teach you how to become a camera operator, but will also provide you with a better understanding of the whole industry, opening doors for a range of career opportunities.

Gain Valuable Experience

At ICB, you’ll gain valuable hands-on training, in-studio experience and get to work with the latest and greatest camera equipment. While you’re taking classes, our career placement team can help you find an internship or part-time role if desired, and once you graduate, they can assist you in getting an entry-level job in the industry. The more experience you’re able to acquire, the more you’ll learn, qualifying you for positions of increasing responsibility.

Create a Strong Portfolio

Take your best camera work (whether from school or your job) and showcase it in an online portfolio / custom video reel. This will allow prospective employers to see your talents first-hand and will give you a competitive edge over candidates who just list out their skills on paper.

Check out ICB

If you’re interested in pursuing an exciting and rewarding career as an camera operator, the
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