Mary Shipman

Women’s History Month: A Tribute to Recording Engineer Mary Shipman Howard

At ICB, we’d like to pay tribute to a pioneer in audio recording engineering – Mary Shipman Howard. One of the earliest known female recording engineers and one of the first women to own her own recording studio, Howard helped open the door for women to pursue careers in this emerging and exciting field. A […]

American Women in Radio and Telivision

Women’s History Month: Celebrating Radio News Pioneer Edyth Meserand

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’d like to celebrate the amazing career and contributions that Edyth Meserand made to the world of broadcasting. She’s been credited with being the first person, male or female, to envision and create the first modern radio newsroom, and she made several other advancements to broadcasting in a time […]

Women in the Industry

It’s fair to say that women in the broadcasting industry have had a lot of hurdles to overcome throughout the years. It’s probably more accurate to say that women in any traditionally male-dominated industry have had a lot of challenges to face while on the path to their career goals. Despite imbalances in gender equality […]