build your image

How to Build Your Image as a Musician

Are you trying to make your mark on the music industry? If you want to become a successful musician, you need to have more than just talent – you also have to have an image that sets you apart and fans can relate to. With so much competition all seeking gigs, recognition, and stardom, you […]

producer vs engineer

What is the Difference Between a Music Producer and an Audio Engineer?

Music producers and audio engineers are both essential to the recording process, but they play very different roles. Sometimes, people unfamiliar with the music industry will use the terms “producer” and “engineer” interchangeably, but they require different skills. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in music, it’s important to understand the distinction and to […]

some in a neon graduation cap

Are There Two-Year Degrees in Multimedia Production?

If you’re passionate about multimedia production, but don’t want to go to a four-year college, we have good news for you. International College of Broadcasting has an excellent Multimedia Production and Broadcasting Program that can provide you with all the technical skills and knowledge you need to launch an exciting career in multimedia. You can […]

music industry career trends for 2022

Music Industry Career Trends for 2022

Music is your passion. And as we move into 2022, it’s time to take that passion seriously and look for ways to turn it into a rewarding career. The market for independent artists is ever-evolving, as the pandemic shifted audiences to online venues. Below are some exciting new trends to capitalize on in the new […]

a sound system

Tips for Getting the Best Sound Quality in Your Own Home

If you’re an audiophile and are a little obsessed with getting the best sound quality for your music, TV, and movies, we get it. While it would be nice to go out and buy the best sound system money can buy, that’s not within everyone’s budget. So, here are some tips to make the most […]