a young man at a microphone. A radio broadcast in production

Signs That a Career in Radio Broadcasting Is Right for You

If you thought the song – video killed the radio star might actually be true – think again. One result of the digital technology explosion has been a similar explosion in radio itself. With virtually unlimited genres and content to choose from, a plethora of digital music platforms, podcasts of every kind – the radio […]

Top Tips on How to Pursue a Career in Audio Engineering

Top Tips on How to Pursue a Career in Audio Engineering

If you’ve been considering a career in audio engineering, you may already be aware that the competition can be fierce. Yes, there’s no shortage of talent in the recording industry in general, which can make pursuing a career as an audio engineer – an intimidating prospect. But doing what you love for a living is […]

save money in your music career

Ways to Save Money in Your Music Career

The expression it takes money to make money, is especially true when it comes to your music career. But learning how to spend your money wisely can help you save while still allowing you to do what you love for a living, make music. To help all you aspiring musicians on the road to musical […]

A Career in Multimedia– What’s in it for You? Engineers editing at a computer

A Career in Multimedia-
What’s in it for You?

If you’re one of the tech-savvy among us who also happen to be super creative, then a career in multimedia might be right in your wheelhouse! But what does a career in multimedia actually involve? The name says it all and envelops the world of digital, print, video, and audio production. Multimedia encompasses everything from […]

Audio Engineering for Beginners Blog

Audio Engineering for Beginners

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, did it make a sound? If you asked an audio engineer that question, he’d probably say – sure. If the forest had a pair of 8-ohm, 1000-watt speakers with a couple of 8-ohm 1500-watt power amps, then he’d probably start talking […]