Audio engineer working on mixing sound

Career Opportunities For Audio Engineers

In the dynamic world of media and entertainment, audio engineering plays a crucial role in delivering high-quality sound experiences across various platforms. If you’re passionate about sound and considering a career in audio engineering, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore the diverse career opportunities available for audio engineers and how the International College of […]

student learning about audio engineer

What is an Audio Engineer and How Do I Become One?

Interested in pursuing an exciting career as an audio engineer/sound technician? Once you learn the technical skills and receive the training you need to succeed, you’ll be qualified for a wide variety of rewarding positions that put you on the cutting edge of audio engineering, technology, and pop culture. What is an Audio Engineer? An […]

Why a Career in Multimedia is More Important Than Ever

Why a Career in Multimedia is More Important Than Ever

There’s no question the explosion of technology over the last several decades has created a whole new world filled with a whole lot more career options. After all, the world has seen the birth of Bluetooth, virtual reality, self-driving cars, social media platforms a-plenty, and smart – just about everything – from phones, to watches, […]

a young man at a microphone. A radio broadcast in production

Signs That a Career in Radio Broadcasting Is Right for You

If you thought the song – video killed the radio star might actually be true – think again. One result of the digital technology explosion has been a similar explosion in radio itself. With virtually unlimited genres and content to choose from, a plethora of digital music platforms, podcasts of every kind – the radio […]

Top Tips on How to Pursue a Career in Audio Engineering

Top Tips on How to Pursue a Career in Audio Engineering

If you’ve been considering a career in audio engineering, you may already be aware that the competition can be fierce. Yes, there’s no shortage of talent in the recording industry in general, which can make pursuing a career as an audio engineer – an intimidating prospect. But doing what you love for a living is […]