Music Speakers Blasting Sound in Video Production

The Role of Sound in Video Production

Picture this: you’ve just finished shooting a fantastic video with breathtaking visuals, perfect lighting, and an A-list cast of characters. But when you play it back, it’s lacking something. Good sound can make or break a video, providing clear dialogue, music to support the emotions you’re trying to evoke, and sound effects to immerse your […]

A High-Definition Camera Shooting Professional Video

How to Shoot Professional-Quality Video

From social media platforms to corporate presentations, video has the power to engage and captivate audiences like no other medium. In fact, last year, 82% of global internet traffic came from video streaming and downloads, and a recent study showed that 91% of consumers want to see more video content. You can create your own videos […]

is studying multimedia right for me?

Is Multimedia Right for Me?

Multimedia is a broad and exciting field that is growing every day. If you’re interested in working in TV, radio, film, internet, social media, podcasting, video production or other emerging media, getting a multimedia degree can prepare you for a range of career paths so you can follow your passion. Get Hands-On Training You may […]

a radio

The Future of Radio

Radio has been around since the early 1900s, but the rapid rise of new technologies has led many to wonder if radio is becoming obsolete. Fear not, friends! The future of radio is bright as the medium grows and evolves. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in radio broadcasting, there are a lot of […]

broadcasting vs communication

The Difference between Broadcasting and Communication Majors

People interested in a career in broadcasting may be unsure as to where to focus their studies. Should they attend a four-year college or a broadcasting school? Should they seek a degree in Communications or Broadcasting? And what’s the difference? Fear not, friends, we have the answers. What does a Communication Major learn about? Communications […]