6 Tips for Captivating Social Media Content

Social media: it’s a jungle out there. Brands and creators fight for attention spans shorter, but fellow social media content warriors, this guide will equip you with the tools to tame the social media beast and build an engaged following.  After all, it is forged in the fires of the International College of Broadcasting’s (ICB) […]

Audio engineer working on mixing sound

Career Opportunities For Audio Engineers

In the dynamic world of media and entertainment, audio engineering plays a crucial role in delivering high-quality sound experiences across various platforms. If you’re passionate about sound and considering a career in audio engineering, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore the diverse career opportunities available for audio engineers and how the International College of […]

young man podcasting with industry used microphone

Guide to Podcast Production

Podcasts have taken the world by storm, with listenership exploding in recent years. An amazing 464 million people around the globe tune in to podcasts, and that number is projected to keep growing! This surge in popularity has created a booming demand for skilled podcast producers and creators. If you’ve ever dreamt of launching your […]

Girl harnessing the power of multimedia in her social media strategy

The Power of Multimedia in Social Media 

In the landscape of social media, the combination of text, images, videos, and interactive content has transformed the way users engage with platforms. The International College of Broadcasting (ICB) understands the significance of multimedia in social media and its pivotal role in shaping digital interactions. Let’s explore how harnessing the power of multimedia can elevate […]

Girl working on a computer trying to find a broadcasting job

5 Tips for Finding Your First Broadcasting Job 

Embarking on a career in broadcasting is an exhilarating journey, filled with opportunities and challenges. Securing your first broadcasting job can be a significant milestone, marking the beginning of a rewarding profession in the industry. The International College of Broadcasting (ICB) understands the importance of guiding aspiring broadcasters towards their career goals. Here are five […]