Vlogging Expand Your Brand

How Vlogging Can Expand Your Personal Brand

With advances in digital technology and platforms like YouTube making it possible to reach a global audience in seconds, it’s easy to see why video blogging or vlogging, is rapidly becoming a go-to marketing tool to expand your personal brand. Yes, it’s a brave new world where the more visible your brand the better. Whether […]

how to write your own songs a girl and a guitar

Top Tips on How To Write Your Own Songs

Looking for tips on how to write your own songs? Writing songs in a world filled with as many kinds of music as there are people, can present some challenges to aspiring songwriters. After all, standing out among the masses of talented individuals creating music today is no small feat. Let’s face it, even the […]

microphone and laptop how to start a podcast

How to Start Your Own Podcast

Wondering how to start your own podcast? With video streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu, and a host of others battling for their share of the viewing audience, you might think the world of podcasters would have a tough time keeping up with all that competition. Think again. Since their inception in 2004, podcasts have grown […]

Women in the Industry

It’s fair to say that women in the broadcasting industry have had a lot of hurdles to overcome throughout the years. It’s probably more accurate to say that women in any traditionally male-dominated industry have had a lot of challenges to face while on the path to their career goals. Despite imbalances in gender equality […]

Sports Broadcasting – How to Turn Your Passion into a Profession

Turning your passion for Sports Broadcasting into a profession, is not as difficult as you might think. So, if your passion is sports and you thought the only way to turn that passion into a career was to throw like Tom Brady, think again. There are a ton of career paths in the sports industry […]