a young man at a microphone. A radio broadcast in production

Signs That a Career in Radio Broadcasting Is Right for You

If you thought the song – video killed the radio star might actually be true – think again. One result of the digital technology explosion has been a similar explosion in radio itself. With virtually unlimited genres and content to choose from, a plethora of digital music platforms, podcasts of every kind – the radio […]

How to be successful at live streamning

How to be Successful at Live Streaming

In today’s digitally inclined world, the power visual cannot be denied. That might explain why 74% of businesses use live streaming to engage their customer base. And why not? After all, what better way to make an impact than to be as face to face with your target audience as you can be without actually […]

Top Tips on How to Pursue a Career in Audio Engineering

Top Tips on How to Pursue a Career in Audio Engineering

If you’ve been considering a career in audio engineering, you may already be aware that the competition can be fierce. Yes, there’s no shortage of talent in the recording industry in general, which can make pursuing a career as an audio engineer – an intimidating prospect. But doing what you love for a living is […]

SEO for upcoming musicians blog

Why SEO Matters for Upcoming Musicians

If you thought search engine optimization (SEO) was only relevant to businesses trying to sell products or services, think again. SEO for upcoming musicians is also important. The real point of SEO is to drive brand awareness and visibility, no matter what you’re trying to sell to or who you’re trying to sell it to. […]

Tips for Purchasing Your First Mic

Top 5 Tips for Purchasing Your First Mic

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy your first microphone? You can practically hear the sweet sounds emanating from that magical piece of machinery. But before you dive in and bring that baby home, do yourself a favor and check out these top 5 tips for purchasing your first mic. 1. Dynamic or […]