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Tips on How You Can Start a Podcast

With over 80 million Americans listening to podcasts every week, now is a great time to start your own podcast and turn it into a successful career. As the popularity of podcasting skyrockets, we’ve been providing some helpful advice for those who are interested in capitalizing on this exciting media outlet. This is the final […]

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How Video Production Can Boost Your Podcast Strategy

When you are creating a new podcast, it’s critical to promote it across multiple channels to ensure you’re reaching as many people as possible to grow your audience of listeners. This is where you can capitalize on the popularity of video – the number one content medium in the world – to help your podcast […]

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Building A Podcast Community

So, You Want to Start a Podcast Series Now that you’ve decided to take advantage of the skyrocketing popularity of podcasting and create your own podcast, it’s time to learn how to build an active and loyal community of listeners. According to an Infinite Dial 2021 survey, an estimated 100 million people listened to a […]

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Start a Podcast Series #2: Find Your Why

5 Tips to Help You Find Your Why Podcasting is the new blogging. Its rising popularity – especially during lockdown – has shown that more and more people enjoy listening to compelling content instead of reading it. It allows them to multitask – letting them be educated and entertained on their favorite topics while sitting […]

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So, You Want to Start a Podcast

The Importance of Developing your Niche  Podcasting is exploding in popularity these days, and has become a viable career choice for those with something to say and the audio engineering/broadcasting skills to bring their podcasts to life. According to the Infinite Dial 2021 survey, approximately 80 million Americans are now weekly podcast listeners, a 17% jump […]